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Arno Arts was born in 1969.

Michel Kuipers was born in 1974.

Maikel Aerts was born in 1976.

Maikel Kieftenbeld was born in 1990.

Lion Kaak was born in 1991.

Gianluca Maria was born in 1992.


Menno van Dam

Menno van Dam
Birthdate:June 19, 1983 in Heerenveen
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):Eintracht Nordhorn (Ger), Harkemase Boys, Veendam
Van Dam arrived from the amateurs of Harkemase Boys to sign a 1-year contract at Eintracht Nordhorn until 2008. He was released from his contract in January 2008.

Van Dam played for the amateurs of MSC Meppel and in 2013 for De Olde Veste.

Last update: July 21, 2013