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Arno Arts was born in 1969.

Michel Kuipers was born in 1974.

Maikel Aerts was born in 1976.

Maikel Kieftenbeld was born in 1990.

Lion Kaak was born in 1991.

Gianluca Maria was born in 1992.


Welcome to Dutch Players Abroad

This website is trying to provide all the information about (semi) professional footballplayers from Dutch origin who currently play in foreign competitions or played abroad once.

In the picture

Bas  DostFormer U21 international and current A international Bas Dost moved abroad in summer 2012. He signed a 5-year contract at German club VfL Wolfsburg for a transfer fee around the 7.5 ME. At the end of August 2016 he made another big move signing for more

Latest updates

- Jeroen Veldmate at Unknown, (June 11)
- Giliano Wijnaldum at Bethlehem Steel, USA (June 11)
- Marc Klok at PSM Makassar, Indonesia (June 11)
- Nick van der Velden at Bali United, Indonesia (June 11)
- Tobias Levels at Ingolstadt FC II, Germany (June 11)
- Moestafa El Kabir at Antalyaspor, Turkey (June 11)
- Rogier Krohne at Schalke 04 II, Germany (June 11)
- Geoffrey Castillion at Vikingur, Iceland (April 07)
- Hans Mulder at Unknown, (April 07)
- Lars Veldwijk at Aalesunds FK, Norway (April 07)

Current number of players in database: 906.


Beb  BakhuysElisa Hendrik Bakhuys, better known as Beb Bakhuys, was born in the Netherlands Indies but raised in The Hague. He signed in 1937 as third Dutch player a contract abroad (attacking midfielder Gerrit Visser was the first in the USA). He returned in 1947 to more